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By Abhishek Amin Feb 16, 2021, 8:48:34 AM , In Advice

Hey friends, let us start with numbers before we dig deep about the offshore development center (ODC). The global IT outsourcing market is expected to grow by over $98 billion by 2025, claimed by technavio market industry reports.

Especially in the pandemic or post pandemic era of COVID 19, the first thing on the priority list for every business is to save money. But there is always one thing that shall not be compromised while doing that. Quality, and if businesses shall opt to offshore software development services simply if they do not have that readiness to put every piece of the jigsaw into the right place.

Offshoring vs Outsourcing

There is a common thing between the two, to handover the requirements to a specialist. Back in the 90’s when outsourcing began in a prolific manner, the businesses were quite happy. As the time passed, demands got increased and businesses felt that the authority was the missing thing. Hence, came the offshoring, which gives the businesses a sense of ownership who wanted to be in charge of whatever is outsourced.

Mainly this whole outsourcing and offshoring ecosystem came to life due to following reasons:

  • Lack of in-house talents
  • Globalisation
  • Need of rapid innovations
  • To break the barrier of traditional process

However, despite the success of outsourcing, there are some cons associated. They are failures in sustainability over the long term, reliability and trust issues, lack of focus and control over the development process. The best service providers will always prefer the offshore software development Centre model since it also helps them build longevity in the relationship they seek.

The ODC model is a business-driven process where clients are looking to get websites, web apps or mobile apps developed from a top offshore software development company. The engagement of the clients with software development companies include end-to-end IT services like project discovery, UI/UX designing with wireframes or prototyping, development, and delivery known as launch. Now, let us have a look at things to put into consideration before you hire services from an offshore development company.

Checklist for Hiring Offshore Development Services

Checklist for Hiring Offshore Development Services

1. Confidentiality Check of The ODC

Perhaps the first thing on your checklist while hiring an ODC for any of your software development projects. It is always vital to ensure the privacy policies of any company in terms of general contractual agreement, Non-disclosure (NDA) agreement, and employee confidentiality agreement.

2. Hiring Process

It shall be critically reviewed and approved by your end if you feel you are familiar to it based upon your collaboration comfort. A vetted hiring process will impact directly on the overall product or software development process. This ensures to avoid clashes and misunderstandings regarding cultural aspects, values, professionalism. and integrity.