Discovery Workshop

Bringing ideas to fruition with modern solutions

All successful businesses were once sincere ideas in the mind of the ever-ambitious entrepreneurs. However, there are various reasons why not all genuine ideas meet this fate. At e.Soft Technologies, we believe in fuelling your business idea with an intense discovery workshop session. After all, it is nothing but preparation and thorough planning that lays a strong foundation of a successful business.

Forefronts of Discovery Workshop


We build mobile app software that streamlines your business process and make your venture more productive. Enterprise applications developed by e.Soft Technologies are deployed across a variety of networks. This helps manage multiple departments and processes effectively.


Our team of developers create end-to-end enterprise apps that streamline the business processes. We provide real-time business insights, seamless management, and automation of tasks. These features help you operate with greater flexibility.


The consumer mobile app software created by our top app developers strengthens your relationship with your customers and helps you offer a rich and dynamic users experience.

The Purpose

“The aim of Discovery Workshop is to study the complete business potential through brainstorming session before the development cycle commences. This unique approach helps us explore a wide range of developmental possibilities and prepare ourselves thoroughly before the work is kick-started. Discovery Workshop is crucial for us because it gives us a huge room to exercise our creativity. And its benefits are pretty evident in our out-of-the-box solutions”

The core purpose is not only to understand the project requirements and business scope. Through this process, we aim to strike a cordial and collaborative business relationship that thrives on creativity, quality, and experience.

Supporting UI/UX and development services with intense brainstorming sessions for flawless deliverables

In simpler terms, Discovery Workshop is the pre-development stage of a software development or mobile app development project. In this process, we understand the business scope and client expectations. The crucial project information is then shared between the client and the project team. The platform for communicating information could be on-site/off-site meet-ups or online conferences.

This session is a project initiation process that gives concrete shape to your ideas, engineer your requirements and take your business idea to advanced development stages effectively.

What can a client expect during these sessions?

We analyse, identify and communicate our understanding of the core idea, industry problems, strategic analysis, niche targets, project scope, etc.

What can a project team do for you?

Our project team explores the subject area to understand the complete business flow. Furthermore, we identify bottlenecks, offer advanced solutions, organize the clutter and create a structured roadmap.

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