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Firebase is a Google-based mobile app development platform that aims to make product development, integration, implementation, improvement, and bug fixes and release processes quicker. e.Soft Technologies is a top Firebase development company in India, providing start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs with stable, creative, and scalable iOS, Android, and web applications. Our Firebase developers work across a wide range of industries, from retail and entertainment to logistics and media. So, no matter what industry you are in, get in touch with Firebase developers from e.Soft Technologies to meet all your business needs.

Application Development Services

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Firebase App Development Services We Offer

Firebase Mobile Application Development Services

To build a new app or boost the quality of an existing one, Firebase offers services such as monitoring, servers, networking, and crash reporting. Our dedicated team will assist you with product creation, deployment, optimization, error detection, and release processes, as well as mobile app marketing, user interaction, and user interface.

Firebase Web Application Development Services

e.Soft Technologies is a leading Firebase web app development company in India, providing start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs with dependable, scalable, stable, and top-notch websites.

API Implementation

We develop and execute an API that empowers data from multiple users to be synchronised and maintained in Firebase’s server.

Firebase Integration Services

We have a great deal of experience with Firebase integrations, and we have developed numerous web and mobile apps with Firebase. Our Firebase integrations services’ team have technical skills in creating and managing front and backends of real-time web and mobile apps, irrespective of your business size.

Firebase Consultation Services

Using Firebase to create awesome applications, our expert Firebase consultants help you fulfil your company requirements and carve out a top-notch launch plan. Get tailored consulting services to help you improve your research pipelines and deliver high-quality software. Get in touch with our team to get better code quality, faster iterations, more accurate bug detection, and faster deployment.

Cloud Firestore Services

Firestore is a scalable NoSQL cloud storage for storing and synchronising data. We help you to keep your data in sync across client apps and provide offline support so you can build flexible applications that function irrespective of network interference.​

e.Soft Technologies

A Quick Look at the Services We Offer

Mobile App Development

Mobile App

Design and develop iOS and Android mobile applications for enterprise, business and consumers.

Web App Development

Web App

Design and develop websites with modern frameworks custom-made for your business.

Mobile and Web Game Development

Mobile and Web Game

Design and develop native mobile (iOS and Android) and web games for monetary purpose.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Result-driven digital marketing services for business growth leveraging the latest technology.

UI Design / Creative Services

UI Design / Creative Services

User Interface (UI) design helps you get a glance of the first look at the website or app, understanding if it is capable enough to tell the story of the brand.

Cloud Management Services

Cloud Management

Using the right tools to set-up, configure, monitor and optimise your cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Elevating enterprise experience by developing innovative and impactful solutions for web, mobile and internet with rich user experience.

  • Mobile Strategy
  • ERP System
  • Technical Consulting
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Content Management
  • Mobile App Platforms
Startup Solutions

Startup Solutions

We help startups of all sizes, irrespective of their stages – to nurture, build and grow their amazing ideas on mobile and web.

  • Idea to Prototype
  • Development Service
  • Support and Maintenance
  • MVP Launch
  • Create launch machine
  • Equity Partnerships


Helping Businesses in All Domains

We bring together innovation, technology, convenience and customer service by delivering digital products across all platforms. Some of the sectors (not limited to!) we serve to include:

IT & Startups
Real Estate
Fashion & Apparel
B2B, B2C

Our Work

We strive to deliver the best for every single project. Take a look at some of our work.

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