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Selenium is the most common automation testing mode for ensuring high-quality user interfaces and functionality. It has a robust testing suite of software and operates for most browsers, software platforms, and testing frameworks. At e.Soft Technologies, we provide top-notch automation app testing to our clients in order to provide high-quality software and websites. As the best Selenium automation app testing company, our testing experts use Selenium to provide testing services that range from comprehensive script creation to test automation system setup and maintenance, as well as test automation training.

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Selenium App Automation Testing Services We Offer

Strategic Testing

The primary goal of any software project is to produce high-quality results while reducing the project’s expense and time to completion. Companies can do this with the aid of a successful test automation strategy. The components of an automation test strategy we use include automation’s reach, making a list of test cases to automate, choosing the right test automation tool, risk analysis, implementation plan, evaluation, and failure analysis.

Mobile Automation Testing

The mobile automation testing service makes the process quicker, more effective, efficient, and less expensive. The method entails using automated software to run pre-programmed test behaviour on mobile apps. Our developers use automated testing to quickly and easily review new software and updates for bugs, defects, and other flaws.

Functional Test Automation

Our functional testing service is used to ensure that the software application is functional and that the feature is operating according to the requirements. Our testers focus on basic usability, accessibility, function analysis, and error checking. Each function is evaluated by providing a value, determining the output, and comparing the actual output to the predicted value in functional testing.

Mobile Automated Regression Testing

e.Soft Technologies’ mobile automated regression testing is used to ensure that a software update does not affect the product’s current features. We ensure that any new functionality, bug fixes, or changes to existing features do not affect the product’s functionality.

Automation Testing Report Generation

When it comes to Selenium testing, a thorough test report created with the right Selenium reporting tool can make a huge difference in the testing process. Test reports generated with Selenium reporting tools at e.Soft Technologies provide detailed insights into the testing process and display the status of test scenarios. Our reports provide all pertinent details so that your team members can track the progress of the reports.

Selenium Testing Consultation

e.Soft Technologies’ Selenium consultants build automation suites from the ground up or manage and scale the current test suites. Our experts are skilled at advising businesses on how to plan for the introduction of Selenium test automation. The team examines the current development process, examines the infrastructure, and comprehends the issues. The experts at e.Soft Technologies assist you in developing a cost-effective and efficient test automation process.​​​​

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